management consulting

It includes human resources, business development, entrepreneurship, employment services, total quality management according to standards, marketing and sales support services, rebuilding the organizational structure of the institution and analyzing the gaps for companies

Economic Consulting

It includes feasibility studies, financial analysis, statistics, surveys, investment evaluation, project evaluation, consulting in the field of merger and acquisition of companies, risk evaluation, evaluation of investment returns in a project and financial analysis.

Quality Management

Qualification of public and private companies according to the requirements of quality management according to the international standard (ISO 9001-14001-22000-45001-20000 -27001-22301). Implementation of specialized training courses and preparation of quality auditors

Banking Consulting

It includes auditing, risk management, credit, banking operations, payments, compliance, regulations, treasury management, investment, banking awareness, management of banking governance, banking systems and anti-money laundering.

  • Spreading the culture of self-employment among members of society and building a positive behavior towards its practice.
  • Developing a national program for entrepreneurship and developing small and emerging projects.
  • Qualifying human cadres specialized in the field of entrepreneurship and developing small and emerging projects.
  • Enable entrepreneurs and specialists to keep pace with developments in the field of entrepreneurship and self-employment.
  • Creating job opportunities for young men and women through their own projects.

Marketing Consulting

SMART Marketing Strategies

It’s all about project management. These tools help you understand what your project represents and get general ideas about how to formulate your goals; And why you should publish your project using these five elements of a marketing strategy.